• 20 Insurance Tips For 2020

    20 Insurance Tips You’ll Need in 2020

    We asked 20 of our team members what you needed to know about your insurance this year. Here’s what they said.

    Read your policy and coverage forms. Make sure what you ASKED for on your policy is there. – Alaina Anthony, Assistant Client Advisor

    Take a video of each room of the house (including the closets) with a cell phone so in the event of a loss you have a visual reminder of what you own. – David Weaver, Insurance Account Executive

    Carriers steadily increased rates for property insurance in 2019. To mitigate an increase in premium at your next renewal, consider increasing deductibles, reducing or eliminating unneeded coverage and making sure the value of your buildings, personal property and business interruption are all up to date. – Douglas Cook, CIC, CPA, Business Risk Specialist

    Taking a defensive driving course every three years will help reduce your automobile insurance premiums. The course can be taken either online (you’ll have 30 days to complete the six-hour course) or you can take an in-person class in your area. The credit usually equals out to between 7-8%. – Antoinette Markusz, Personal Insurance Client Advisor

    Maintain a good credit score. A good credit score can help you get lower insurance premiums.  – Danielle Bailey, CISR, Personal Insurance Account Executive

    Identify your valuables on your policy. Homeowner policies provide limited coverage for valuables like fine art, furs, jewelry and antiques, but naming them specifically can help you insure their full value. – Debbie Bartolotti, OneGroup Platinum Client Advisor

    Always take a second look. As businesses grow and evolve, so do their risks. It’s always a good idea on renewal to review updates and changes made in your business with your agent. – Michelle Artessa, Client Advisor & Business Insurance Specialist

    Check your pay stub on the first of the year to make sure your deductions are taken correctly. – Kristin Ford, Client Services Assistant

    Have all your policies renew on a concurrent date. This can help you focus on the important topic of your insurance/risk management program once a year versus having to touch on it several times a year. – Cheryl Zuranski, Vice President Business Insurance

    Review your homeowner policy at least once every three years. – Mae Carter, Personal Insurance Business Development Coordinator

    Let us obtain current Motor Vehicle Reports on your prospective employees BEFORE you hire them to avoid costly accidents “down the road”. – Julie Herb, MBA, CIC, CISR, FIPC, Account Executive, Senior Client Advisor

    Always review your lease with your insurance agent to be sure you haven’t taken responsibility for something in the contract that you did not intend to. – Carrie Shaw, OneSelect Business Account Executive and Manager

    We are seeing more frequent and larger embezzlement and fraud claims.  Make sure your crime and cyber policies have the right coverages and adequate limits.  Many businesses have relatively low limits. – Llewellyn F. Dryfoos III, PA Regional President

    New York employers: remember to review and remove job application questions referring to wage or salary history. New York’s salary history ban goes into effect on January 6! – Rachel Wisely, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Specialist

    If you rent, consider renter’s insurance. Your personal property will only be covered in a fire, theft or other risk if you have renter’s insurance. Don’t count on your landlord! – Erin Morrisseau, CISR, Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Don’t go with the first insurance quote you receive just because it’s the first quote you receive. Every company is different – be sure to get multiple quotes and consider the coverages offered instead of only focusing on the price tag. Cheaper insurance does not equal better coverage. – Denise Conti, CISR, CRIS, MLIS, Senior Client Advisor & Business Insurance Specialist

    Don’t forget to contact your agent when making changes in your business to protect against uncovered losses. – Carole J. Krytusa, CISR, Sr. Vice President, Business Insurance

    Be more eco-friendly and save space in your office by utilizing the OneConnect client portal. It’s a great place to electronically store your insurance documents. You can also use it to request and issue your own certificates of insurance quickly and efficiently, even after hours. – Diane Harp, Assistant Client Advisor

    Those thick renewal documents can be confusing. Start with the declarations page, which is essentially the summary of your coverage, then take a look at the exclusions page to see what your policy specifically doesn’t cover. – Kimberlee Lawson, Personal Lines Assistant

    Business owners, don’t forget to take advantage of the risk management services available to you.  Implementing and maintaining a strong risk management program is key to controlling your cost of risk and should be a priority for all organizations.  A good program will reduce the frequency of claims, the severity of claims and reflects well on you to underwriting. – Chuck Gould, CPCU, Business Risk Specialist

    Mary Fontana is Personal Insurance Service Specialist at OneGroup. She can be reached at 315-413-4498 or MFontana@OneGroup.com.