• We Can Help Your Craft Brewery, Winery or Distillery Grow

    Businessman standing against large industrial beverage equipment within a brewing facilityThe Craft Brewing industry is experiencing explosive growth. With more than 4,200 breweries in the U.S., a double-digit growth rate, and employing over 122,000 jobs, the industry is having a positive impact on the economy. The winery industry is also growing quickly, now with more than 8,200 wineries across the country. With growth comes risk. This is particularly true with entrepreneurial start-up businesses.

    OneGroup can provide the in-depth risk analysis, risk management and risk transfer expertise craft brewers, winery operations and distillers need to help them succeed. Our industry specialists, supported by more than 170 experts and specialists from a wide range of business operations, will provide the guidance and assurance you need to control risks and their associated costs while you focus on perfecting your products and growing your business.

    Customized property coverages for the craft beverage industry

    An example of the industry-specific risks that need consideration and risk transfer strategies include:

    • Process Water Losses
    • Tank Collapse
    • Outdoor Vines and Trellises
    • Utility Services
    • Water Seepage Underground
    • Transportation (Inland Marine)
    • Temperature Change
    • Power Outages
    • Key Employee Replacement
    • Automotive/Fleet
    • Excess Coverage

    OneGroup goes far beyond insurance to aid in your success, as you have seen throughout our Website. Our experts can assist you from planning your business to retirement and beyond.