• Stacked pages of technology-based business brochures from OneGroupOneGroup Provides Comprehensive Risk Management For Technology-based Businesses

    OneGroup understands the unique risks associated with the technology industry whether it’s manufacturing, software development, telecommunications and networks, IT services, or technology consulting. Each has its own risk concerns, but all are subject to one truth: innovation and change is essential to success in the technology industry. With change comes risk. OneGroup specializes in controlling, eliminating, and where possible shifting risk and its related costs.

    OneGroup provides companies in the technology industry with innovative solutions to help them protect their business and personal assets. We begin with ensuring that our clients are properly protected by the foundational insurance coverage:

    • Liability insurance
    • Errors and omissions insurance
    • Property and casualty insurance
    • Intellectual property insurance
    • Employer liability insurance

    Then, based on a thorough review of your operations, provide proposals for strategic risk management solutions in all of the areas that could subject your business or personal assets to risk. The array of risk management tools include:

    • Automobile liability insurance
    • Contingent cargo insurance
    • Physical damage insurance
    • Garage and garage-keepers’ liability insurance
    • Workers’ compensation insurance
    • Risk management consulting
    • Accounts receivable insurance
    • Inland marine insurance
    • Business income insurance
    • Injury management services
    • Employee benefits consulting and outsourcing
    • Human resources consulting and outsourcing
    • Medical payment insurance
    • Short- and long-term disability insurance
    • Crime and vandalism insurance
    • Pollution and environmental insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Home and auto insurance

    Isn’t it time we reviewed your risk management programs to be sure you are properly protected at the best possible cost?