• Got a knack for logistics? Know how to get things done?

    OneGroup’s business operations and administration staff are our behind-the-scenes experts, putting a polished finish on just about anything that makes the business run. They pitch in to help OneGroup be the most efficient, professional and productive it can be.

    Our front end staff (or, as we like to call them, Chief Executives of First Impressions) ensure that our visitors are greeted with friendly smiles and our callers are helped politely and graciously. Those who work in our mailrooms help process the many important letters and shipments that come in and out of our company, and those who work in building operations ensure that our facilities are in tip-top shape.

    Our events team plans company outings, community events, internal seminars, classes and luncheons. They make sure OneGroup serves not only its employees and its clients, but the community at large, too.

    Business Administration Openings