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Important Insurance Coverage for Volunteer First Responders

Organizations with volunteer first responders have a lot of unique risks. Here are our expert’s tips for making sure your organization is properly insured. By Kelsey Ryan, AINS Volunteer first responders keep our communities safe. Day or night, they are ready to protect, rescue and serve their neighbors. But when the alarm goes off and […]

How to Lower Your Workers’ Compensation with a PAP Credit and Payroll Limitation

PAP Credits and Payroll Limitations are strategies you can use to minimize your workers’ compensation costs. By Brett Findlay Workers’ compensation, one of a contractor’s largest single insurance-related costs, can be a critical component in bid competitiveness, project eligibility and general profitability. I often speak with contractors who don’t believe they can control their workers’ […]

20 Insurance Tips You’ll Need in 2020

We asked 20 of our team members what you needed to know about your insurance this year. Here’s what they said. Read your policy and coverage forms. Make sure what you ASKED for on your policy is there. – Alaina Anthony, Assistant Client Advisor Take a video of each room of the house (including the […]

Discrimination Law Updates

What you need to know about the new Equal Pay addendums By Kelly Goodsell, AIC The New York Senate passed a set of bills to ensure equal pay for women and employees in “protected classes.” The bills are intended to ensure all employees receive equal pay for equal work and prohibit salary history inquiries (thereby […]

Holes in your Umbrella

What it means if your umbrella policy is limited by another policy’s sublimit By Douglas Cook, CIC, CPA If any of your liability policies have a sublimit on them, your umbrella may not cover as much as you thought. It is important to work with your agent to understand all limits and exclusions on the […]

School Districts, Blanket Limits, and Margin Clauses | Making sense of your district’s insurance plan

Do you know how your properties will be covered? By Douglas Cook, CIC, CPA For the average business, property coverage can be relatively straightforward. For a school district with multiple properties, there are a few more factors and options to consider. With standard property coverage, our clients can insure their buildings for the amount they […]

Volunteers and Workers’ Compensation | When it Applies and Why it Matters

Are your volunteers covered by your workers’ compensation policy or a separate volunteer policy? The difference affects more than you might think. By Dan Conley Back to school time is here! Among the teachers and students busying themselves with back to school activities and planning, you’ll find armies of volunteers lending their time and talents […]

Cyber Hygiene for Schools

What makes schools particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks and how school officials can prepare for a breach. By Dennis Ast, CPCU, CCIC Last year, we saw more local school districts suffer at the hands of cyber criminals than ever before. The NYS Education Department Board of Regents even went as far as to propose and […]

Ask the Expert: 2019 Insurance Trends for Schools

OneGroup’s Rick Leonelli talks about the major trends that could make 2019-2020 an expensive year for schools and what officials need to do to keep kids and teachers safe. OneGroup: Can you believe we’re almost back to school? What types of risks do schools face this time of the year? Rick Leonelli: Daily news reports […]

Three Biggest Changes in Workers’ Compensation This Year

There have been a lot of workers’ compensation updates this year. Did your business keep up? By Brett Findlay Workers’ compensation can be a contractor’s largest variable. It’s also a critical component in bid competitiveness and project eligibility. That’s why it’s imperative that all contractors (and business owners of any industry) know what’s happening with […]