• CEO Update: May 2020

    Dear Valued Clients, Team Members and Community:

    First and foremost, thank you!

    To our clients, thank you for your continued faith in OneGroup to be there for you when you need us most as well as to provide you valued, actionable information.

    I want to offer a very special thank you to all of the experts and specialists at OneGroup who have worked tirelessly and uncomplainingly to transition to remote work environments, new technologies, and new procedures—all while never failing to stay in close touch with and supporting our clients.

    And thank you to everyone in our communities who have been on the front lines, out there every day facing risks for all of us. Most especially, to our healthcare professionals, first responders and critical services. Thank you from all of your friends at OneGroup!

    I first wrote to you at the end of March as it became clear we were facing an unprecedented threat to health, economy and our very way of life. Indeed, we are now in the midst of what some have called a “once in a 100-year event.” Despite the magnitude and speed with which change descended upon us, there is much to be hopeful about.

    I am incredibly impressed with the ingenuity and resolve of the many business leaders who effectively protected their employees by moving them to remote work status, and to those who have been essential businesses to keep their people safe. As facilitators in an open roundtable of manufacturers of various sizes from 200 employees to more than 50,000, OneGroup has a front row seat in learning from these companies as they rapidly react to the changing work environment. We are now beginning roundtables in other industries to help bring companies together to share ideas, best practices and support. This bodes well for our return to a viable economy.

    I am in awe of the courage of all of the people who, while the rest of the world is in stay-at-home mode, have ventured out daily to do their jobs with passion and a mission to help others. And to citizens who had to be out, I am encouraged by the seriousness with which they are working to follow the rules of separation and safety that are so foreign to all of us.

    As we entered this unprecedented period, I had challenged our team to do everything possible to help our community and local businesses. I’m so pleased and proud to report that they have leaned in fully to provide answers and support to hundreds of companies seeking help. We are all in this together, and together is the way we get out of this.

    Please, be healthy, helpful and kind to others and calm. We can do this!


    Pierre Morrisseau
    Chief Executive Officer

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