• Employees sitting around large meeting table in discussion at OneGroup CenterA Leader in Health Insurance and Benefit Plan Consulting

    CEOs and CFOs are seeking innovative ways to lower benefits cost while providing quality benefits. Health insurance and benefits now make up 30% or more of employees’ total compensation, and represent one of the largest expenses for any business.

    OneGroup is uniquely qualified to provide innovate, out-of-the-box benefits solutions. With more than 200 experts and specialists from across the business spectrum and over 40 benefits professionals, OneGroup is equipped to analyze current benefits programs of any size, provide insightful consultation, design custom benefits plans, and place the various insurance packages.

    OneGroup is highly skilled and highly effective in every area of insurance and plan consulting.

    • Employee Health Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Benefit Consulting
      • Plan Analysis and Consulting
      • Employee Benefits Program Management
      • Benefit Program Design
      • Benefit Plan Strategic Planning
      • Prescription Drug Programs
      • ACA Compliance Administration
      • Wellness Programs
      • Compliance
      • Benefit Plan RFP Design
    • Disability Insurance
    • Voluntary Benefits