• Expert, Experienced Consulting on Constructing Highly Effective Benefits Plan RFPs

    OneGroup offers significant capabilities in the design of comprehensive requests for proposals (RFPs). OneGroup’s experience allows us to establish very in-depth questions for vendors to respond to, facilitating more complete and concise RFP responses. We provide comprehensive analysis of your business goals and objectives, product/service unbundling, proposal design and consulting services.

    OneGroup’s substantial experience in designing RFPs helps achieve a competitive procurement process and provides a customized platform on which to make an informed, balanced decision. Our RFP design process includes:

    • Customized document for each client to ensure their needs are met
    • Pre-selection of qualified candidates to respond to your RFP
    • More clearly defined the products or services requested
    • Clear, concise information requests
    • Detailed analysis of products and services to uncover vendor strengths and weaknesses as well as to identify areas of value-added opportunities
    • More reliable and in-depth evaluation of qualified vendors
    • Comprehensive analysis of responses to ensure accurate evaluation
    • An effective competitive analysis       to achieve optimal terms, conditions, and pricing

    Better Responses by Clearer RFP Design

    The goal of any RFP is to clearly communicate what your organization’s unique needs are, what you expect from the vendor and the vendor expects from you, and the costs for services.

    A well-designed and intelligently written RFP will provide the tools you need to select the best vendor and ensure an ongoing, valuable relationship. Critical components of the RFP include:

    • Knowing what you’re looking for in a vendor (capabilities, scope, size, temperament, scalability)
    • Sharing with vendors your larger goals and objectives for your employee benefit programs
    • Defining the full parameters of the products and services you desire
    • Establishing all requirements for each product and service as well as for the overall program
    • Defining performance measurement systems and being sure vendors understand and are capable of reporting in the manner required
    • Understanding the vendor’s point of view to facilitate fairness and ensure that the RFP is realistic
    • Defining clearly the transitional period and expectations for timelines and deliverables
    • Stating clearly all pricing, payment terms, adjustment parameters, dispute handling, lines of communication, etc.

    A Precise RFP Saves Time and Money—Now and in The Future

    By taking the time to design a robust, comprehensive RFP from the start, you are assured of reducing time, effort and expense that is associated with clarifying RFP questions, reissuing an RFP, and dealing with post-RFP vendor issues.

    We recommend that an RFP begin with a thorough understanding and analysis of your business goals and objectives, then carefully draft a precise questionnaire that will maximize your chances of selecting the best vendor that will deliver beyond the scope of your requirements now, and for years into the future.

    OneGroup’s deep experience and breadth of expertise can be an invaluable asset to your RFP design.