• The Expertise and Bench Strength to Manage the Most Complex Employee Benefit Plan

    Ariel view looking down on several employees at their desks at OneGroup CenterOneGroup reduces the time, expense and stress associated with employee benefit programs by providing comprehensive personalized services and in-depth customized services.

    Our experts deliver innovative solutions to help our clients navigate an increasingly complex regulatory and inter-personal employment environment. We specialize in developing programs that meet your business and employment goals and objectives while increasing employee job satisfaction and retention. Our unique experience working closely with companies of all sizes has earned us a reputation as a leader in employee benefit programs, claims management and management of corporate benefit programs.

    OneGroup provides benefits program management expertise in the following areas:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Employee Benefit Programs
    • Product Analysis
    • Rate Negotiation
    • Contribution Modeling
    • Employee Communications
    • Open Enrollment Meetings
    • OneLinkTM Benefit Portal
    • Employee Wellness Programs
    • Compliance
    • Ancillary Programs

    Delivering employee benefit program management that is cost-effective, comprehensive, and results-driven requires an intelligent blending of expertise and technology. OneGroup provides both in-depth professional experience as well as comprehensive support for:

    • Plan evaluation and selection
    • Controlling costs
    • Improved offerings
    • Evaluate trends
    • Benchmarking benefits data against industry to develop a competitive package

    Allowing HR professional to align their benefits strategies with corporate goals