• OneGroup Center ExteriorThere Are Solutions to Rising Health Insurance Costs

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (June 2016) the average cost for health insurance benefits was $2.44 per hour worked in private industry, nearly 8% of total compensation—and rising quickly. Entering the market yearly to find the lowest cost for insurance is not the best answer.

    At OneGroup, we think finding the lowest increase is a poor goal that leads to paying more for less, giving up valuable benefits that attract and retain the employees.

    As one of the largest and fastest-growing insurance brokers and risk management agencies in the region, OneGroup approaches health insurance from a unique perspective: Invest in analyzing use and cost-drivers, deep dive into the company’s business goals and objectives for offering health care and benefits, and consider the total benefits package before going to market for health insurance. Often, as your health insurance broker, some or all of the cost of our analytical work and consulting is offset by the premiums you pay to the insurance company. The result is health insurance that is the best fit for:

    • Your attraction and retention goals;
    • Your employee mix;
    • Your business objectives; and
    • Your budget.