• Designing and Implementing a Wellness Program Offers Employers Many Benefits

    OneGroup’s benefits experts are well versed at designing and implementing wellness programs with the key objective of reducing your long-term cost of benefits. There are many additional benefits to the employer including:

    • Reducing Absenteeism
    • Reducing Injuries at and Away From Work
    • Increasing Employee Productivity
    • Reducing Workers’ Compensation and Disability-Related Costs
    • Faster Return-to-Work
    • Improving Employee Morale
    • Increasing Retention Rates
    • Happier, More Engaged Employees

    OneGroup begins by brainstorming with our client and learning as much about the company’s goals and objectives for offering benefits, the makeup of its workforce, cost-drivers and many other metrics. Although each program is custom-designed for each client’s unique situation, we follow a foundational structure to ensure success of the program:

    1. Brainstorm Goals and Objectives for the Benefits Plan
    2. Collect and Analyze Employee, Claims Data and Oher Metrics
    3. Establish Goals for the Wellness Program
    4. Define the Company’s Level of Commitment to the Program
    5. Establish a Plan Budget and Anticipated ROI
    6. Create a Communication Plan
    7. Monitor Progress and Results