OneGroup Moves South

June 30, 2021

If you have been watching OneGroup over the past several years, you are aware that we are intent on growing our business to better serve our clients. There are advantages to being at scale—while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and speed. As the world becomes ever more complex and new risks emerge, it is critical to me and all of our team that we become better every day.

One area which had become increasingly important to our clients was our ability to serve their needs in southern states, particularly in Florida where many own second homes, autos, boats and valuables.

I am extremely proud today to announce today that OneGroup is now in Florida to serve our clients’ needs. We most recently merged with NuVantage, a fast-growing and well-respected agency centrally located in Melbourne on the east coast of Florida. I’m looking forward to working closely with Tom Wienckoski, founder of NuVantage, and his team of talented insurance professionals.

While we will be focused primarily on personal insurance in the Florida market, with an eye on helping clients through Florida’s volatile market for coverage, we will be able to provide business insurance as well as benefit insurance and human resources consulting.

OneGroup Moves South
OneGroup Moves South
Tom Wienckoski

“We are very excited to have the support of OneGroup’s access to markets as well as their more than 200 experts and specialists,” said Tom Wienckoski. “Our plan is rapid growth across the state of Florida and we have already begun hiring remote producers and speaking with agency owners who may desire partnering or being acquired.”

We have also opened a new agency in Spartanburg, South Carolina and are in the process of hiring producers there as well. In short, we’re working hard to be where our clients need us to be!

Pierre Morrisseau
Chief Executive Officer

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