Disasters Happen Quickly and Without Warning. Be Prepared!

Who needs earthquake insurance?

It may surprise you, but according to United States Geological Surveys (USGS), nearly 90% of us live in areas that have earthquakes. And while most of us have likely never felt an earthquake, waiting until one takes place to consider earthquake insurance is never a good idea. Since earthquakes can be very damaging, the cost to homeowners to repair or replace property can be devastating. The typical homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover earthquake damage, and this coverage can be very inexpensive. Why not have peace of mind and include earthquake insurance as part of your homeowner protection package. Your OneGroup personal insurance specialist can answer all of your questions.

Floods can happen anywhere at any time

Floods can happen in all 50 states. In fact, about one quarter of all flood insurance claims originated in areas not considered high risk for flooding. Floods from rain and flash floods can occur suddenly and at any time. If you do not have adequate insurance protection, you will personally have to pay to replace or repair your property and possessions. Since your home and its contents are typically the largest investment an individual makes, loss of these items could be financially devastating.

Whether you need Homeowners or Renters insurance, you should consider earthquake and flood insurance. The flood insurance market place is rapidly changing. The rate is now being developed by the individual risk characteristics of your particular property which often offers a lower premium and broader coverage. We encourage you to have an informed conversation with your OneGroup’s trusted advisor.

We make it easy for you. That’s why so many people turn to OneGroup for their earthquake and flood insurance. Save time. Save money.

Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

Winter is upon us, and with that comes an increased risk of water damage.

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