Automation & Efficiency

Innovative Online Solutions to Make Your Work Easier

While OneGroup customizes solutions to each client’s unique needs and organizational structure, one tool to support most applications is OneGroup’s OneLinkTM Employee Information Portal.

OneLink greatly reduces or eliminates the need to use paper records, easily tracks PTO, provides a simple and easy to use employee communication channel, and assure proper compliance for Affordable Care Act requirements. New Hires? No problem! OneLink makes onboarding easy and paperless.

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  • Easy to Get Started With Our App
  • All-in-One Platform for Benefits, PTO, Compliance and More
  • Intuitive Employee Self-Service
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Simple to Set Up and Manage
  • Easily Generate and Send 1094 and 1095 Reports

We make it easy for you. That’s why so many people turn to OneGroup for benefit and HR solutions. Save time. Save money.

Increase Your Cyber Insurability

Cyber carriers want to offer their optimum terms to those who have best-in-class cyber security programs. There are steps that organizations can take to increase their insurability.

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Throughout the month, OneGroup supported the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center, an organization that has been dedicated to ending child abuse in our Central New York community since 1999.

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Risk Management in Construction

Let’s talk about the three key elements of managing construction risks: Preventing of incidents; Responding to incidents; and Managing incident outcomes.

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