Claims Management Begins Before a Claim is Made

At the heart of your relationship with your insurance broker is how well they respond when you file a claim. But truly outstanding service happens when your insurance broker takes a proactive role before a claim.

Our people are our difference

Superior insurance claims management is only possible when you have a highly trained and well experienced claims staff. Our claims specialists are adept at handling the most complex claims and fully understanding the impact that claims have on your loss experience and resulting insurance costs.

OneGroup has invested in developing comprehensive claims management systems that include assessment, consultation and facilitation and provide you with 360-degree coverage:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your operations and risk exposures
  • In-depth claims history review
  • Claims prevention processes
  • Loss reduction through work injury intervention and fast return-to-work programs
  • Cost reduction through strategic claims management
  • Recovery of any overpayments of past claims and incorrect Modification ratings

Workers’ compensation claims management

Because workers’ compensation insurance, especially in New York State, has the potential to have a significant impact on your business, medical case management for all workers’ compensation claims is a critical element of cost containment and the difference between whether your workers’ compensation cost remain low or spiral out of control.

OneGroup works to expedite the closing of claims and returning healthy workers to their jobs with the desirable outcome objective to contain insurance premiums and healthcare costs and maintain productivity in your workplace.

The OneGroup claims management difference — results!

We make it easy for you. That’s why so many people turn to OneGroup for their claims management. Save time. Save money.

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