Loss Analysis & Trending

Defining Loss Drivers Leads to Loss Control Program Success

The use of analytics is critical in defining loss drivers, targeting key performance indicators, trending results and measuring the effectiveness of control programs. Expertise in loss analyses and trending is critical to any risk management program. OneGroup employs highly skilled risk management professionals in claim management, research and accident investigation, data analysis, and exposure-specific safety risks.

To determine a company’s true level of risk and associated cost, OneGroup experts map the organization’s current safety management/risk management structure, and aggregate loss data from various insurance carriers. An initial loss-trending analysis is then completed.

Loss Analysis and Trending

Custom tools and experience in workers’ compensation loss analysis

A workers’ compensation analysis includes loss development triangles as well as total cost of risk for loss sensitive programs such as retrospective programs.

We provide a comprehensive online system that will aggregate and update loss data automatically from multiple carriers into our common database. This provides us and you the ability to conduct routine analysis, tracking and trending of data to ensure proper coverages.

OneGroup typically provides its clients general analysis and trending updates on a monthly basis.

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