• EmploySmart® The Informed Hiring SystemTM

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    EmploySmart® The Informed Hiring SystemTM, helps protect you from unnecessary risks associated with hiring the wrong job candidates.

    According to recent surveys, workplace injuries and illnesses are costing U.S. companies more than $50 billion annually. EmploySmart® focuses on the root cause of much of this cost—poor hiring decisions. EmploySmart® provides defensible information on an applicant’s ability to perform a job based on objective data rather than on subjective reports that put you at risk. The assessment is designed in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, allowing the employer to determine if the applicant can physically perform the essential functions of the job. The prospective employee also benefits because they are assured that they are matched to the job requirements.

    EmploySmart logoEmploySmart® is the smartest way to eliminate unnecessary legal and compensation cost.

    • EmploySmart® offers the critical analysis and documentation required to protect your company from the threat of hiring someone else’s problem employee or hiring someone who is not a match to the job.
    • EmploySmart® is a proven informed hiring system to eliminate unnecessary compensation claims and cost
    • EmploySmart® is your best ally in making smart hires that help you avoid expensive hiring mistakes
    • EmploySmart® helps you to hire and retain the best employees while helping reduce first-year costs associated with hiring, claims and turnover

    How EmploySmart® works to protect your business

    EmploySmart® is truly a comprehensive informed hiring system. The effectiveness of the system is based on the fact that the vast majority of claims are made within the first 12 months of employment – typically the most expensive period of employment. EmploySmart® provides a structured program to ensure informed hiring decisions:

    • Extensive site review
    • Comprehensive job task analysis
    • Development of highly specific job descriptions
    • Pre-hire/post-offer work skills testing and assessment in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Establish defensible baseline measurements and documentation
    • Hire the best candidates matched to job requirements
    • Utilize return-to-work process