Injury Intervention & Return to Work

A Leader in Injury Intervention and Return to Work

Achieving meaningful reductions in workers’ compensation claims and costs is not accomplished by continually shopping for lower rates with different insurance carriers. Substantial savings are realized by reducing the incidence and severity of injuries, and by treating injured workers quickly, efficiently and with respect. The OneGroup post-injury management system includes:

  • Injury Management
  • Claims Management
  • Return to Work/Transitional Duty
  • Medical Management

Injury prevention – the key to successful intervention

Although “injury free” is the optimum goal, accidents do happen and injuries take place. Having a sound plan in place with highly structured procedures for mitigating the impact of injuries is critical to the cost-containment process. More importantly, it is an essential tool in maintaining your company’s productivity.

Injury Intervention and Return to Work

OneGroup provides solutions for businesses where employees face physically demanding tasks as part of the work environment. By introducing EmploySmart® The Informed Hiring SystemTM, in conjunction management training, a comprehensive critically-selected medical network, and an immediate injury intervention program, we are able to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Key components of the program include:

  • Supervisors/managers are trained to handle injuries quickly and compassionately
  • Supervisors/managers are trained to immediately communicate with OneGroup when an injury occurs
  • Employees are quickly provided independent medical examinations (IMEs) and efficiently treated within a vetted medical network
  • All claims are closely triaged by an injury management coach

We make it easy for you. That’s why so many people turn to OneGroup for their injury intervention and return to work. Save time. Save money.

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