• Employees in meeting room discussing annual insurance placement and reviewing riskIdentifying Potential Risks to Make Sure You’re Not at Risk

    OneGroup is an independent insurance agency. This means we are free to search the markets for the strongest insurance products for your specific needs. This is critical to securing the best terms and conditions for your risk management program. We begin the process by reviewing all risks affecting your business. We review your operations and identify any changes such as new business entities, new markets and locations. We notify you of any changes in the industry that affect your operations and update you on the status of the insurance marketplace. We will also review your claims activity to uncover trends in losses or possible new hazards. Finally, we review recommended solutions aimed at prevention or reduction of future claims.

    OneGroup risk management services include:

    • Annual exposure analysis: Utilizing various techniques such as questionnaires, inspections, flow charts, financial analysis, review exposures to loss, financial capacity analysis to determine your ability to absorb risk and legal obligations.
    • Annual risk management assessment: We develop alternative approaches for mitigating risk.
    • Insurance information data base: We maintain essential underwriting information such as premium and exposure history.
    • Contract review: OneGroup reviews purchase orders, leases and contract insurance provisions including hold harmless/indemnification clauses. Working closely with counsel to insurance all facets are being addressed

    The analysis of your exposures and alternative techniques will require the placement of certain insurance coverages. We will review your existing programs for possible improvements and make recommendations on, but not limited to, retention levels, applicable limits and pricing. Coverages to be placed with insurance carriers are negotiated and proposed to you in advance of the renewal.

    Annual risk management service planning meeting

    Because your personal and business risks are unique, we annually focus on your specific needs and priorities. We conduct initial planning meetings to develop strategies and review the services that are right for you as your organization evolves. We establish specific service deliverables, timelines and a communication plan, modifying the plan routinely throughout the year.