• Business Risk Management Services

    The typical broker focuses on an annual cycle of marketing and placing your insurance, responding to their clients only when a client need arises. OneGroup takes a decidedly different approach. At OneGroup, we have a guiding principle: Buying insurance comes last in our process. First comes uncovering risk and cost-drivers. In other words, we focus on managing risk, a process that must be thorough and ongoing.

    The OneGroup trusted partner model

    Beginning with a detailed assessment of your current business strategy, we integrate our expertise with yours as a trusted partner in the success of your business or organization. Because we take the time to truly understand your operations, we are uniquely able to proactively provide recommendations and solutions for managing and insuring against the cost of risks.

    OneGroup addressing clients needs through assessment, planning, serivce schedule, monitoring, stewardship, renewal preparation and strategy, and carrier negotiation and placement

    We focus on managing risk

    Risk is inherent to business. Controlling risk is inherent to business success. We employ a unique consultative process to provide our clients with innovative risk management solutions designed to prevent cost-inducing events and to limit or reduce your overall cost of insurance.

    OneGroup 5 points of Risk Management: understand your business, exposure analysis, manage risk, non-insurance risk transfer, and financing risk

    The components of OneGroup’s in-depth, comprehensive approach to business risk management include: