Risk Management

Uncover and Mitigate Risks Hiding in Plain Sight

The typical broker focuses on an annual cycle of marketing and placing your insurance, responding to their clients only when a client need arises. OneGroup takes a decidedly different approach. At OneGroup, we have a guiding principle: Buying insurance comes last in our process. First comes uncovering risk and cost-drivers. In other words, we focus on managing risk, a process that must be thorough and ongoing.

Risk is inherent to business. Controlling risk is inherent to business success. We employ a unique consultative process to provide our clients with innovative risk management solutions designed to prevent cost-inducing events and to limit or reduce your overall cost of insurance.

Cybersecurity Risks for Water Treatment and Wastewater Facility

Water treatment and sewage processing facilities ensure the public has clean drinking water and sanitary wastewater disposal. These facilities depend on technology to operate, opening them up to cybersecurity risks and liabilities.

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Nail Down Quality Roofing Contractors Insurance

If you’re an experienced roofer, you know insurance is key to managing your risk and protecting your business from property damage, liability claims and work-related accidents. You may even have been asked to submit proof of workers’ compensation, property and general liability insurance to obtain your license.

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As a Dentist, Are You Due for an Insurance Checkup?

Whether you operate as a one- or two-person dental practice or employ a large team, you’ll need to work with your insurance professional to design a custom dental insurance policy.

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