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Sustainable Solutions for Your Health Care, Benefits, Compensation, Staffing, Employee Wellness, and More

Business leaders and human resources professionals across the country are being asked to find sustainable solutions in the areas of health care, benefits, compensation, staffing, employee wellness, and many other fronts. The enormity of the task can be overwhelming. OneGroup has been providing clients with innovative and sustainable human capital solutions and employee benefits since 1983 in all areas.

OneGroup is uniquely qualified to provide innovative, out-of-the-box benefits solutions. With more than 200 experts and specialists from across the business spectrum and over 40 benefits professionals, OneGroup is equipped to analyze current benefits programs of any size, provide insightful consultation, design custom benefits plans, and place the various insurance packages.

Are You Covered if Personal Items Are Stolen From Your Vehicle?

A car break-in can rattle you emotionally. Plus, you have the financial costs of repairing your vehicle and replacing your stolen valuables. Don’t risk making a bad situation worse by not having the appropriate coverage for all your things.

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Your Homeowners Policy Might Not Cover Rebuilding Costs

Don’t wait for a terrible gust of wind and a felled tree to find out how much the shortfall is. A building ordinance or law endorsement could be one more layer of protection to help make sure your budget isn’t on the demo end of a wrecking ball.

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Help Your Employees Build and Maintain Healthy Habits

The ability to maintain good health habits can make a material difference in your employees’ personal and professional well-being. Your organization also stands to gain from lower health care costs and higher productivity.

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