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Sustainable Solutions for Your Health Care, Benefits, Compensation, Staffing, Employee Wellness, and More

Business leaders and human resources professionals across the country are being asked to find sustainable solutions in the areas of health care, benefits, compensation, staffing, employee wellness, and many other fronts. The enormity of the task can be overwhelming. OneGroup has been providing clients with innovative and sustainable human capital solutions and employee benefits since 1983 in all areas.

OneGroup is uniquely qualified to provide innovative, out-of-the-box benefits solutions. With more than 200 experts and specialists from across the business spectrum and over 40 benefits professionals, OneGroup is equipped to analyze current benefits programs of any size, provide insightful consultation, design custom benefits plans, and place the various insurance packages.

Tips for Documenting Manager-Employee Conversations

Whether a manager is congratulating an employee on a job well-done or coaching them to improve their behavior or performance, proper documentation helps both parties.

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Join OneGroup’s next 101 Series Webinar! OneGroup personal insurance experts, Kimberly Hendrick and Dave Weaver will discuss the value and importance of an umbrella policy, personal insurance claims, and how…

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Strategies To Foster Intergenerational Harmony in the Workplace

The median age is rising across the United States, a trend that is expected to continue. In the workplace, age isn’t just a number. Embracing generational diversity can improve knowledge, performance and culture. But too often, age-related stereotypes lead to conflict, disengagement and legal claims.

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