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For a long time, our team has been excited by the idea of creating more opportunities for mentorship in our workplace. Mentorship aligns with OneGroup’s core values of focusing on the bigger picture, knowledge development, transparency, acknowledgement, and purpose. This year, OneGroup launched our first ever job shadow program with the Syracuse City School District. With the help of the school district, our team created a shadowing opportunity that allowed students in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program to visit real workplaces and hear from professionals in the industry that they are studying.

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We welcomed three groups of students to our OneGroup’s Syracuse office from three CTE programs: Business Technology, Media and Communications, and Cyber.

Students from each group took a tour of our office, met with some of our executive team, and heard from professionals that work in the industry they study. The students also met with our Human Resources team to gain a better sense of what goes into the hiring and job searching process, learning important things that hirers look for in a candidate.

This experience was a great way for students to experience and practice their skills in a workplace environment, and a great way for our OneGroup team to teach some of their knowledge to some really amazing groups of students.

“It was a pleasure to share my passion and teach the students about what I do everyday. We were able to show them how to apply what they’re learning at a company that they least expected! They were smart and inquisitive and a joy to spend time with.” – Erin Morrisseau, Brand Manager, Marketing & Communications Team Lead.

We are so excited to be involved in Syracuse City School District’s mission to support student success, and are so grateful for those on our OneGroup team that participated in this program.

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