Municipality Safety Needs

We Understand Your Intricacies

The Risk Management consultants at OneGroup now offer service programs specifically designed to meet the safety needs of municipalities. Our primary objectives are to support your efforts in compliance, risk reduction, minimization of claim costs, and control of insurance premiums. Our team will partner with your municipality’s staff to structure, implement, and manage the effectiveness of your risk management efforts.

OneGroup can assist your municipality to:

  • Understand the scope and benefits of an effective safety system.
  • Identify gaps in your safety program
  • Build and implement a strategic plan for safety success.
  • Train and educate employees.
  • Execute a safety program that is effective in minimizing both incidents and losses.

Help protect your employees and your company with the OneGroup Risk Management Center (RMC). This online portal provided by OneGroup gives you a unique, web-based suite of safety and risk mitigation tools, designed to empower your organization’s risk management efforts.

The OneGroup RMC includes:

  • Online Risk Management Library
  • Incident Track
  • Training Track
  • Job Description Track
  • SDS Track
  • Audit Track
  • BBS and Safety Observation Track

The RMC works for any organization that wants to proactively manage risk and reduce incidents, claims, and costs. It offers an array of information, including fully customizable safety programs, policies and training tools, and a host of organizational tools to help you manage your safety system. Plus, it’s all part of the value-added service package that you already have as a OneGroup client.

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