Managing Aquaculture Risk

When it comes to your insurance, you shouldn’t have to go fishing for answers. We’ve got you.

Just having insurance won’t always save you when something goes wrong. Having the right insurance and risk prevention will save you in costs in recovery and premium when your business suffers a loss.

Making sure the coverage is there.

How do you know if you have the coverage? Here are a few questions that you can ask your broker to identify common coverage gaps in your policy:

Does my farm have coverage for?

  • An employee sets the wrong temperature in your facilities.
  • Farming control systems malfunction due to breakdown resulting in a loss of fish.
  • You have a ransomware attack with a potential loss of fish.
  • Your water quality has been compromised.
  • Your underground piping associated with your facility.

These are just a few situations that often need specific coverages added to your policies that are not standard.

Plan & Prevent

Sometimes the right coverage isn’t an option and in addition, a loss can raise your overall premium.

What can you do?
Having a proper plan in place when the worst happens, can save your business. What happens if you lose your population, but you have to regenerate it to the same state as they were when you lost them?

Prevention not only saves you from a loss, but it can also lower your premium. Insurance carriers recognize when their insureds make an effort. The right action will save you in the long run and stop a hefty increase after you’ve submitted a claim.

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