10 Ways to Thank Your Employees

Show your employees you appreciate them.

Showing appreciation is just as important in the professional world as it is in personal relationships. In fact, a survey by Glassdoor found that more than 50% of employees would stay longer at their jobs if they felt more appreciated. 

Frequently thanking your employees certainly goes a long way, but there are also some simple gestures you can make to show your appreciation. Here are 10 ideas from the employee rewards platform Bonusly. 

  1. Write a thank-you note. A handwritten note is best, but an email can also be impactful if the message is genuine. Be sure to include specifics about what the employee has done or achieved. 
  2. Organize a team-building activity. Doing a creative activity like a cooking class can boost morale and help you bond with your employees. 
  3. Give a gift card. It’s a simple gesture, but it shows thoughtfulness. 
  4. Offer an afternoon off. Whether it’s a half day before a holiday weekend or it’s completely spontaneous, giving unexpected time off shows you support work-life balance. 
  5. Take your team out to lunch. Or, if you have remote employees, coordinate a virtual team lunch and let your employees expense a meal from their favorite local restaurant. 
  6. Have a happy hour. Whether you go out for drinks in person or have your employees snuggle up with a beverage of choice over Zoom, this is a fun way to decompress and connect on a personal level. 
  7. Bring in some treats. If you have a small team, you can even personalize the gesture by selecting a favorite dessert or ordering from a favorite bakery. For remote employees, you can assemble a gift basket with their favorite snacks. 
  8. Send a desk plant. Remote employees might not go outside as much as in-office workers. A simple plant can help improve air quality, prevent illnesses, reduce stress and boost overall well-being. 
  9. Give a subscription to a wellness app. There are many to choose from, but they all say you care about your employees’ mental and emotional health. 
  10. Create a video or piece of artwork that showcases your employees and their unique contributions. 

All of these gestures are small but meaningful. The key is to be genuine. 

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