Prevent or Stop Water Damage Before it Gets Too Far.

What if you could stop water damage before it started?

Coming home from vacation to a flooded basement or waking up in the morning to two inches of water is not fun, to say the least. What if you could stop the damage while you’re away or wake up to an alarm and not a water-logged house in the morning?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, one in 60 homeowners have losses due to water damage. In 2022, 40% of all home losses were due to non-weather-related water damage per The Hanover. Though your insurance may cover you financially, it can’t replace priceless mementos like photo albums, valuables, or personal collections, not to mention the time lost in repairing and renovating your home.

What can you do? Fortunately, there are two types of water mitigation devices that you can install in your home to assist in preventing water damage by alerting you to the presence of a leak or going as far as shutting of the water on detection.

Water Shutoff Devices

A water shutoff device can detect unusual water flow, usually caused by leaks and then automatically turn off the water to your house. Some use technology that can notify homeowners via an app when there is an issue. A plumber is needed to install one of these devices and can help you purchase one.

Water Sensors

A water sensor monitors for leaks. Unlike an automatic shutoff device, it will not shut off your water, it can however, alert you to a leak before it becomes a much bigger problem. You may be able to install a water sensor on your own.

Installing a water mitigation device can have additional benefits other than the obvious prevention of extensive water damage. Some insurance carriers have resources to help you decide what solution is best for you and may offer premium discounts when they’re in-use.

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