• Quick Facts About OneGroup

    • OneGroup is a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Bank, N.A., (NYSE: CBU), headquartered in DeWitt, New York.
    • OneGroup provides financial stability and superior growth potential through its parent, Community Bank, N.A., a nearly $10 billion entity.
    • OneGroup is a leading risk management, insurance brokerage and employee benefits firm headquartered at OneGroup Center, 706 North Clinton St., Syracuse, NY 13204.
    • OneGroup services include risk management, workplace injury management, business insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits insurance and consulting, human capital services including outsourced human resources and HR consulting.
    • OneGroup offers its clients additional services including investment advisory, wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, retirement and pension services, and fiduciary services through affiliated companies BPAS, Community Wealth Management and The Carta Group.
    • OneGroup employs more than 200 experts, specialists and staff at 18 locations throughout the Northeast.
    • OneGroup serves more than 12,000 personal and business clients.
    • OneGroup’s roots in banking and insurance go back 100 years in Madison, Oneida, and Onondaga counties.
    • OneGroup annually places in excess of $300 million in insurance premium for its clients.

    The company’s roots can be traced back more than 100 years to Oneida, New York, when the Bailey and Haskell families were independently selling and servicing insurance customers. In 1866, just one year after the Civil War, Oneida Savings Bank was formed, supported by Bailey and Haskell.

    Bailey, Haskell and Oneida Savings Bank worked closely over the decades, seeing the bank grow to more than $750 million in assets before becoming a public company in 1988. That same year, Bailey Insurance Services and Hamblin, Munz & Haskell merged their firms to become Bailey & Haskell Associates, becoming the leading insurance agency in Oneida County. Bailey and Haskell continued to worked closely with Oneida Savings Bank to provide its customers insurance.

    In 2000, Oneida Bank began assembling a group of financial services related firms, acquiring Bailey & Haskell Associates. Seeing an opportunity to build a risk management and insurance with broad and diverse talents under one roof, Oneida Bank then purchased two smaller agencies in 2001, Noyes & LaLonde Agency in Syracuse and the Dunn Agency in Marcy. Both were merged with Bailey and Haskell & Associates to become Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde.

    The combined group then saw an opportunity to expand into employee benefits insurance and human resource consulting. In 2006, Benefit Consulting Group, a leading benefits and human resources consulting firm in the Central New York region was acquired. As the group’s risk management and insurance offerings became broader and more complex, providing workplace injury prevention and back to work strategies was a growing market. Workplace Health Solutions, an internal start-up firm specializing in workplace injury management was added in 2008 to meet this growing demand.

    By 2010, Oneida Savings Bank had successfully completed its demutualization to become the fully publicly traded entity Oneida Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:ONFC), all the while working to merge the growing talents of its growing entities into a single resource for businesses and individuals.
    Adding to its fast-growing insurance services, Oneida Financial purchased Schenectady Inuring Agency in Schenectady, New York in December 2012.

    In 2013, Oneida Wealth was formed to provide life insurance, financial planning and pension plan services. Soon after, Oneida Wealth Management was created to expand services to include investments through its own broker/dealer.

    As more companies were acquired, the merging groups worked diligently to integrate with each other to create a seamless approach to client service. Far easier said than done! First, all individual services were “pulled away” from each business unit and reassembled into a single board portfolio of services branded as Premier AdvantageTM and marketed as a single call to have access to the largest portfolio of essential services—the clients’ premier advantage! Simultaneously, beginning in 2010, a new name was being created to replace the alphabet soup of individual entities (BHL, BCG, WHS, SIA…).

    Having its roots in Oneida presented a unique opportunity to build on that legacy while pulling together a growing group of individual companies into one. Dissecting the name ONEida left us with the word ONE. Merging individual companies into one group left us with ONEGROUP. Voilà! All that was left was to ensure that the name and the website were available. As it turned out, they were not. They were owned by J.P. Morgan Chase from an earlier acquisition. However, after several years of quietly filing forms with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, we secured the brand name for our use, and once secured, was able to purchase the website address OneGroup.com. February 2014, the new logo and branding was unveiled at the Kallet Theater in Oneida. The new identity established a consistent and unified look across all current and future acquisitions. The new brand reflected the image of the world-class organization with world-class capabilities it would become.

    In December 2015, Community Bank, N.A. acquired Oneida Financial Corp. and all of its assets including Oneida Savings Bank, Chittenango Bank, Oneida Wealth Management and OneGroup. At that time, Community Bank had approximately $8.5 billion in assets. With vastly more resources, new acquisitions were sure to accelerate.

    In 2016, Community Bank’s insurance agencies each known as CBNA Insurance Agency, were merged with OneGroup. OneGroup now had an expanded reach into northern New York with offices in Canton, Heuvelton, Malone, Plattsburgh and Tupper Lake.

    To expand OneGroup’s employee benefits capabilities, Benefit Advisory Service (BAS) was acquired in December 2016. Located in Forest Hills, NY, BAS brought a presence for OneGroup in the metro NYC area and Long Island, and the opportunity for BAS to offer its clients OneGroup’s full Premier Advantage portfolio of services.

    In March of 2017, Community Bank acquired Dryfoos Insurance Agency, a regional Independent insurance brokerage serving customers in Eastern Pennsylvania from offices in Hazleton, Bethlehem and Milton. Established in 1901, Dryfoos offered a full range of insurance and risk management products and services for both businesses and individuals, include commercial property & casualty insurance, workers compensation, personal auto insurance, homeowners, life insurance, and employee benefits.

    In December of 2017, the Gordon B. Roberts Agency was acquired. GBR offered personal insurance, life insurance and commercial insurance from its offices at Watkins Avenue in Oneonta, New York.

    Penna & Associates Insurance Agency was purchased in January 2018. A relatively young firm begun by Jerry Penna in Johnson City, NY, Penna & Associates provided all forms of insurance and enjoyed a reputation of integrity and client service that perfectly matched that of OneGroup.

    OneGroup founding companies

    Bailey & Haskell Insurance – Bailey & Haskell Insurance has been known by several names over the decades, most notably Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde. The insurance and risk management concern has experienced rapid growth from approximately $9 million in agency revenue in 2008 to more than $22 million in 2015. Today, as OneGroup, the firm is one of the fastest-growing independent insurance brokers and risk management firms in Upstate New York and a leader in its industry.

    Benefit Consulting Group – Benefit Consulting Group began as Retirement Income Services, a firm that specialized in retirement plan design and administration and sophisticated life insurance plans. The company expanded its services to include benefits and human resources consulting, renamed itself Benefit Consulting Group, and quickly became one of the leading and most respected benefit consulting firms in the Central New York region. Today, OneGroup’s fast-growing employee benefits and human capital services continue to be highly regarded and sought after by leading companies in Upstate New York and beyond.

    Schenectady Insuring Agency – Schenectady Insuring Agency’s roots in the Schenectady, New York region, go back to 1855. Beginning as a collection of smaller insurance agencies and lone agents, the firm was incorporated in 1913 and grew to become Schenectady’s leading independent insurance broker. In 1986, the Schenectady Insuring Agency merged with the Johnson, Jessen and McMahon to become one of the largest agencies in the Capital region. Today, as part of OneGroup, the agency continues to be a leader in the region.

    Workplace Health Solutions – Workplace Health Solutions originated in 2008 as an independent company supporting insurance and risk management services in all areas of workplace injuries. A major component of the firm’s offering was independent medical examination (IME) services including doctor networks to ensure that injured workers received immediate attention. Workplace Health Solutions has been reorganized within OneGroup, now focusing on workers’ compensation risk management and marketing IME services to third party administration firms and litigation attorneys.

    CBNA Insurance Agency – CBNA Insurance Agency began as a collection of independent insurance agencies across the northern New York region including Tupper Lake, Plattsburgh, Canton, Harrisville, Heuvelton and Malone. Originally the Camil G. Maroun, Jr.

    Insurance Agency of Tupper Lake, which began serving the North Country in 1974, the agency became a subsidiary of Community Bank, N.A. Today, the agency has been reorganized as part of OneGroup and continues to be a trusted leader in Northern New York for personal and business insurance.

    Expert staff
    • OneGroup employs more than 200 experts, specialists and staff offering clients a wide range of expertise:
    • 15 Benefits Specialists
    • 2 ACA Specialists
    • 4 Human Resources Professionals
    • 4 Risk Management Specialists
    • 8 Business Insurance Placement Experts
    • 30 Business Insurance Customer Service Specialists
    • 14 Business Insurance Sales Professionals
    • 1 Employee Benefit Insurance Sales Professional
    • 1 Insurance Auditing Specialist
    • 1 Construction Underwriting Specialist
    • 3 Accounting Professionals
    • 2 Legal Professionals
    • 3 Engineering/Science Professionals
    • 46 Personal Insurance Customer Service Specialists
    • 12 Personal Insurance Sales Professionals
    • 15 Insurance Coverage Specialists
    • 1 Corporate Communications and Marketing Expert
    • 4 Marketing and Advertising Specialists
    • 1 Surety Specialist
    • OneGroup designed and constructed a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot collaboration and education center to accelerate interaction between its many experts and specialists to be first to market with solutions for its clients.
    Company timeline
    • 1866

      • Bailey and Haskell families sell and service life, personal and business insurance. Oneida Savings Bank was founded, one year after the Civil War ends
    • 1983

      • Retirement Income Services is founded in Syracuse, offering retirement plan consulting
    • 1988

      • Hamblin, Munz & Haskell and Bailey Insurance Services Merge to become Bailey & Haskell Associates
    • 1996

      • Retirement Income Services adds benefit and HR consulting to its services and becomes Benefit Consulting Group
    • 1998

      • Oneida Savings Bank begins process to take the bank public under holding company, Oneida Financial Corp.
    • 2000

      • Oneida Financial Corp., through Oneida Bank, purchases Bailey & Haskell Associates
    • 2001

      • Oneida Financial Corp., through Oneida Bank, purchases Noyes & LaLonde insurance agency and Dunn Agency forming Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde
    • 2003

      • Benefit Consulting Group expands services to include financial planning, investment advisory and wealth management
    • 2006

      • Oneida Financial Corp. through Oneida Bank, acquires Benefit Consulting Group
    • 2008

      • Workplace Health Solutions is formed by Oneida Financial Corp. to support insurance and risk management operations
    • 2010

      • Oneida Financial Corp. completes is transformation to a fully publicly traded bank
    • 2012

      • Oneida Financial Corp. through Oneida Savings Bank, acquires Schenectady Insuring Agency and reorganizes the agency under Bailey & Haskell Associates
    • 2013

      • Financial planning, investment advisory and wealth management are reorganized under Oneida Bank and a new broker dealer formation, Oneida Wealth Management
    • 2014

      • Oneida Financial reorganizes all non-banking companies under the new brand, OneGroup
    • 2015

      • Community Bank N.A. acquired Oneida Financial Corp. and all of its assets including OneGroup
    • 2016

      • CBNA Insurance Agency with offices throughout Northeast New York is merged with OneGroup
      • Community Bank acquires Benefit Advisory Service (BAS) and merges it with OneGroup
    • 2017

      • Community Bank acquires Dryfoos Insurance Agency with three locations in Eastern Pennsylvania
      • Community Bank acquires Gordon B. Roberts Agency (GBR) in Oneonta, NY
    • 2018

      • Community Bank acquires Penna & Associates Insurance Agency in Johnson City, NY