Compensation benchmarking

Attract and retain top talent with a competitive compensation program.

OneGroup can provide dedicated support in compensation program design, analysis and benchmarking to assist in attracting and retaining top talent and helping to motivate your workforce. We offer single or multiple job compensation benchmarking support.

Why is compensation benchmarking important?

Compensation benchmarking is important for many reasons, including ensuring fair and competitive pay, reducing turnover costs and making informed decisions about industry insights and standards. OneGroup supports clients with compensation data needs from pricing a single job to conducting a full company compensation benchmarking and analysis.

Pay equity and transparency trends have increased the role of compensation benchmarking. We can assist with developing and revising compensation philosophy, pay structures, and policy. Businesses face various pressures and challenges related to salary budgets including inflation and cost of living, financial performance, recruitment and retention, market competition, and operating costs. Proper compensation planning is a critical part of supporting a business’s annual financial planning and budgeting to ease the uncertainty of these pressures.

We make it easy for you. That’s why so many people turn to OneGroup for HR solutions. Save time. Save money.

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