Social Services

Focus on your mission while we focus on your risk.

Most insurance companies consider the social service industry to be of high risk, which can lead to hesitancy when providing coverage for these organizations, particularly in the area of workers’ compensation. At OneGroup, we have the expertise and relationships to provide our social service clients with the affordable protection that they deserve.
The key to our success is that we provide our social service clients with support services that help them manage their risk and meet their service goals.

Our analytics can help you answer these critical questions:

  • How many claims do you have in each of your locations?
  • How can we best reduce outstanding reserve dollars?
  • Are veteran or new workers being injured more often?
  • What training would help reduce claims?
  • How can we hire smarter to reduce future claims?
  • How can we return employees to productive work sooner?
  • Can we recover potential workers’ comp overpayments?
  • Is there an easier way to handle OSHA record keeping?

We make it easy for you. Save time. Save money.

Claim Mitigation & Investigation

Managing the claims is one of the keys to protecting your business and controlling your insurance costs.

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Snowmobile Insurance for Winter Enthusiasts

One of the joys of winter for many people is the thrill of snowmobile adventures. But accidents can happen to even the most careful sled drivers. Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover the costs of any potential damage or injuries.

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DOL Proposes Change to Overtime Threshold

On Aug. 30, 2023, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced a proposed revision to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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