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What is Flood Insurance?

You don’t have to own waterfront property to be at risk for flood damage. Flooding can happen anywhere and it’s a year-round risk.

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Medical Malpractice Protections for Physicians

Medical malpractice insurance is professional liability insurance for doctors and other medical professionals. It can be expensive, but it’s your best protection against financial disaster.

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Navigating Liquor Liability in the Food Service Industry

Alcohol service can attract patrons and fun, but it also comes with a chaser of complex liabilities.

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Understanding and Managing Risks in Municipalities

Municipalities, towns, and cities inherently face a higher level of risk and responsibility due to their role in providing essential services for the common good.

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Marketers, Publishers, Influencers, Experts: Media Liability Coverage Is a Must

All eyes are on you if you’re in the limelight or managing someone who is. But the definition of “limelight” now extends far beyond movie stars and TV personalities. There are social media influencers, public image consultants, broadcasters, high-profile vloggers and bloggers. They don’t even need to leave their homes to be considered media personalities.

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Protect Your Consulting Firm from Financial Harm

As organizations compete to become faster, leaner and more customer-focused, there is a growing demand for these highly paid professionals. But there are risks to being a management consultant that require appropriate insurance protection.

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OneSelect Business Spotlight

ACCESS Global Group is a MWBE certified consulting and coaching firm that specializes in assisting organizations in recognizing the value that stems from embracing diversity.

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The Grieving Families Act

Earlier this week, it was announced that Governor Hochul had vetoed the Grieving Families Act (GFA) for the second time.

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Getting Ready for Renewals

Many medical practices are seeing sizeable increases in their insurance renewal premiums without explanation to why. This can be frustrating, especially when practices are now dealing with new financial burdens that were non-existent three years ago. There are ways to be proactive regarding your upcoming renewal that can yield favorable results for you and your practice.

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