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Prevent Critter Costs

Wildlife is a pleasure to experience — but not inside your home. Animals can move into your attic, walls, chimney or other nooks and crannies. Dealing with their waste, unpleasant smells and damage is frustrating and costly.

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Condo Coverages

Make sure you thoroughly review your condo corporation policy. It may not be easy reading, but it is important to understand where that coverage ends and where your individual coverage should begin.

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Minimize Your Risk

You’ve bundled your home and auto policies to maximize discounts — smart. Adding an umbrella policy can be even smarter, helping to keep you protected and afloat in a dire situation.

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Your Homeowners Policy Might Not Cover Rebuilding Costs

Don't wait for a terrible gust of wind and a felled tree to find out how much the shortfall is. A building ordinance or law endorsement could be one more layer of protection to help make sure your budget isn’t on the demo end of a wrecking ball.

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Falling Trees Can Damage Your Property

Trees can fall and cause damage to your property. You can protect your property by talking to an adjuster and your neighbors.

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Why All Homeowners Should Consider Flood Coverage

Any water that enters your home from the outside is normally considered a flood, so you can't assume that any part of your policy will kick in even if your particular issue doesn't seem like a classic flooding situation.

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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance policies are added layers of coverage. They enhance your existing policies and may act as primary coverage in areas excluded on your standard policies.

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Home & Auto Premium Rates are Rising

We understand that this rise in costs may cause you concern or questions, so we wanted to provide you with background knowledge on why this is happening and how we can help!

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Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

Winter is upon us, and with that comes an increased risk of water damage.

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