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Accountant and Tax Preparer Insurance

As an accountant, CPA or tax preparer, what happens if you miss a filing deadline, or your advice leads to significant financial loss for your client? What if you do everything correctly but your client blames you for a financial loss?

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Department of Labor Revises Independent Contractor Rule: What You Need To Know

Does your company have independent contractors? If so, pay attention. On Jan. 10, 2024, the U.S.Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new independent contractor rule (2024 IC Rule).

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OneSelect Business Spotlight

ACCESS Global Group is a MWBE certified consulting and coaching firm that specializes in assisting organizations in recognizing the value that stems from embracing diversity.

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Why You Need Flood Insurance

You certainly don’t have to live in a coastal area to be affected by flooding. Anyone who owns a home near a body of water, including lakes and streams, is vulnerable.

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11 facts you should know about renters insurance.

Many people rent homes at some point in their lives, from college students in their first off-campus apartments to retired couples who are downsizing. If you’re a new renter, you might not be clear on what renters insurance is and whether you need it.

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Strategies for Managing Team Conflict

Learning how to work through conflict is a life skill, and its value is something you can provide to your employees.

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Cut Your Commercial Construction Risk

Contractors benefited from an uptick in commercial and multifamily starts in 2021 and 2022 only to see demand fall in 2023 due to rising interest rates and tight credit.

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Employee Compliance Training

A workplace safety training program is a mandatory approach to educate employees about potential workplace hazards, safe work practices, and emergency procedures.

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Building a Modern Wellness Program

Early employee wellness programs were designed to control health care costs. Success was measured by a reduction in medical claims, disability claims and employee absences.

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