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OneGroup’s Titanium Toolbox Insurance Program

The Syracuse Builders Exchange has partnered with OneGroup to provide employee benefit and risk management insurance services to qualifying members. 

The Titanium Toolbox Insurance Program extends OneGroup’s expertise in insurance and risk management services to member employers of the Syracuse Builders Exchange. Our construction industry team is supported by more than 200 experts and specialists in a wide range of essential business services. We understand that construction-related businesses face unique challenges, and we’re pleased to offer members industry-focused expertise and solutions.

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Comprehensive Insurance Services


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New OSHA Enforcement Initiative

Employers will be responsible to comply with the requirements of the NEP – implement safety measures to prevent heat related illness in the workplace/worksite.

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Update on 2022 Workers’ Compensation Rates

New York State employers may benefit again from an aggregate rate decrease to their workers’ compensation programs over the coming year.

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Risk Management in Construction

Let’s talk about the three key elements of managing construction risks: Preventing of incidents; Responding to incidents; and Managing incident outcomes.

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