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Getting Ready for Renewals

Many medical practices are seeing sizeable increases in their insurance renewal premiums without explanation to why. This can be frustrating, especially when practices are now dealing with new financial burdens that were non-existent three years ago. There are ways to be proactive regarding your upcoming renewal that can yield favorable results for you and your practice.

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Developments Affecting Malpractice Costs: Why It’s Important to Your Practice

Our OneGroup team has the industry knowledge and experience to help address your challenges, and to navigate some major developments affecting medical practices today and into the future.

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All About Eggs

Supply and demand issues have affected many industries the last few years. Earlier this year, it was felt by the egg industry, consumers and producers alike. Get an inside look on the egg production industry and the risks they face with Thomas “Tig” Gregory, III, an expert on the industry.

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Who Needs Malpractice Insurance?

In today’s litigious climate, it is now more important than ever to consult with your insurance professional about these exposures. Understanding your risks and evaluating the options to protect against them will help you find the best solution for your unique needs.

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Returning to Work With a Claims Made Tail

Retired physicians who are considering a return to work, and were previously insured on a Claims Made policy, should be aware of the following limitations: Most Claims Made insurance contracts specify that if you cancel your policy due to retirement, and a free Claims Made tail (Extended Reporting Endorsement) has been issued, you cannot return to work in any capacity without jeopardizing your free tail.

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