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Why Small Businesses Are Targeted For Cyber-attacks

Small businesses are targets for Cyber-attacks. There are multiple things to look out for, phishing attacks, human error, and lack of security.

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Be Sure You’re Safe

It is important to remember that regardless of the type of organization that you own or work for, all are at risk of cyber crime.

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Increase Your Cyber Insurability

Cyber carriers want to offer their optimum terms to those who have best-in-class cyber security programs. There are steps that organizations can take to increase their insurability.

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Do Your Part to Prevent Cyber Crime

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

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How Do You Insure Your Side Gig?

It’s estimated that between a quarter and a third of Americans have a “side gig” – that is, an additional source of income beyond their day jobs. Of those, almost 90% are not properly insured.

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Cyber Resiliency

Do you have the risk mitigation strategies in place to protect your company from a cyber attack?

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Cyber Hygiene for Schools

What makes schools particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks and how school officials can prepare for a breach.

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Ask the Expert: 2019 Insurance Trends for Schools

OneGroup’s Rick Leonelli talks about the major trends that could make 2019-2020 an expensive year for schools and what officials need to do to keep kids and teachers safe.

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Cyber Insurance: Hacking Cyber Security

A cyber breach is a real threat to your business. Our cyber insurance expert takes a look at measures you can take to protect yourself from an attack.

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