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What is Flood Insurance?

You don’t have to own waterfront property to be at risk for flood damage. Flooding can happen anywhere and it’s a year-round risk.

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Insuring Your ATV

Though practical and fun to ride, off-road, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be very dangerous.

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Navigating Liquor Liability in the Food Service Industry

Alcohol service can attract patrons and fun, but it also comes with a chaser of complex liabilities.

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How to Protect Your Business From a Hurricane

When hurricane season is around the corner, the best thing you can do for your business is prepare. Fortunately, hurricanes and tropical storms never come unannounced.

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Reduce Risks Associated with Electric Vehicles

When an EV catches fire, it’s much more difficult to extinguish than traditional vehicle fires. That’s because an EV’s lithium-ion battery holds a lot of concentrated energy, with each cell containing a flammable electrolyte. And it burns very hot.

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Time for Spring Cleaning

The first sign that spring has sprung is the relentless desire to clean with all of that newfound energy.

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Does your home have flood insurance?

Flash rains and ice melts can cause flooding when the ground can’t absorb the water fast enough.

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Personal Insurance 101: Protecting The Important Things In Life

This month OneGroup hosted a 101 series webinar on personal insurance. Experts Dave Weaver and Kim Hendrick spoke about the current market, and how you can protect your assets.

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Your Recreational Boat Needs Coverage in and out of the Water

Depending on the size of your watercraft, you may find coverage under a homeowners insurance policy, but most recreational boats need more.

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