Protect Your Business Against The Unexpected

OneGroup takes a team approach with diverse experience and backgrounds to holistically help you achieve your business and organizational goals. While most organizations focus solely on one aspect of your needs, we provide you with access to all of our expertise, regardless of the individual services that you purchase from us. Our goal is to be your partner so that you feel as if we’re an extension of your organization. Our experts work closely with you to learn what your business and industry risks are. We analyze your data to spot risk points and trends. We take the time to understand your long- and short-term personal and business goals. Only then do we piece it all together to make our recommendations for not only insurance, but ways to mitigate risks and transfer the cost of those risks.

When it does come time to be certain your business is protected by the best insurance coverage for your specific business needs, you can rest assured that OneGroup’s highly trained and experienced business risk specialists, backed by more than 200 experts and specialists from across the business spectrum, will have your back.

Keeping Your Employees Happy

Voluntary benefits round out a company’s employee benefit offerings, raising them from a plan that just checks the box to a comprehensive plan employees can personalize. With the wide diversity of employees in the workplace today, voluntary benefits are more popular than ever before.

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Contractual Risk Transfer 101: Are You Protecting Your Business?

This month OneGroup hosted a 101 series webinar on contractual risk transfer. Experts Kirsten Shepard and John Schmitt spoke about protecting your business from the negligence of others. Contractual risk transfer is a legally binding way to transfer risk from one party to another.

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Increasing Engagement in Your Benefit Plans

You want employees to understand their benefits and make them a valued part of their daily lives. To do that, you need to position your benefits as a tool to help employees reach their goals. Make information easy to access and simple to understand.

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